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Welcome to Medfield's District-Wide Digital Learning Day 2013

Medfield's journey to empowering teachers and promoting innovation has come center stage as we strive to prepare our students with the 21st Century Skills. This means technology plays one of the key roles as we prepare our students for their education, careers and life in the near future. Therefore, we would like to focus our district-wide PD day on technology integration into our students' learning as we participate in the nationally-recognized, Digital Learning Day on Feb. 6th.

As you approach the day, think: What does it mean to teach in the 21st Century?
Teaching in the 21st Century Video
What is 21st Century Education?
Framework for Teaching in the 21st Century (PDF)



Welcome/ Keynote Speaker: Bob Maguire & Kim Cave in the auditorium

Teaching in the 21st Century Video



Session 1

Session 2

---Lunch provided in the Cafe---

--Open Technology Playground in the LMC--
(Get any tech Q's answered)



Building-Based Meetings

Session 3


Feedback Survey

Closing Raffle in the Auditorium

location.jpegBuilding-Based Meeting Locations
  • Blake Middle School - Room 125
  • Dale Street School - Auditorium
  • Wheelock School - Cafeteria
  • Memorial School - Room 120
wifi.jpegWifi/ Connecting to the Network
Teachers can bring their own mobile devices (SmartPhones, iPads, tablets, wireless laptops). You will need to follow these specific directions for connecting to the STAFF WiFI.
Also, please know that Technology Support will be available throughout the day with student assistants and the technology support staff assigned to different sessions for both presenters and attendees.

feedback_icon.jpgPDP credits/ Feedback
To track your PDP credits that you'll earn for our Digital Learning Day, you will need to register for the course on the Medfield professional development website
Once you are on the PD website, your login userid is whatever proceeds "@medfield.mec.edu" in your email address. There is a prompt if you have forgotten your password. It will be emailed to you. Once you are logged in, go to Offerings (on the left), select Professional Development Day-February 2013 and Day of Digital Learning. Registration for PDP tracking of this course will close on 02/01/13. If you do not register for the PDP tracking on the PD website, you will still earn your PDPs on Friday. You will just have to keep track of them yourself.

You will also complete a feedback survey at the end of Session 3 about the day's conference. If there was a session you were not able to attend -or- would like to receive further training on, please include that in the comments. This information is helpful in planning future professional development. Further questions can be directed to Kim Cave/ Mary Quinlan.

Map of the School

All sessions are located in the High School. Click here to view the map

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Social Media! Twitter is one of the best tools that offers an immediate, interactive (or lurking) way to follow the day's happenings.
This can happen in two ways: As a lurker, simply click on the link to Medfield's twerps below or if you have a twitter account, be sure to follow. -or-
As a tweeter, tweet along with your ideas, thoughts & questions, and links to resources of your session using the hashtags below.
Twitter Hashtags for today's conference:

Medfield Educators who will be tweeting today:
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