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Google Forms (GoFros) Grades 6-12
Obliterate that giant stack of papers on your desk, easily create student data you can use in classes, share assessments
with your fellow teachers.... all with Google Forms. During this session, you will learn to create a Google Form to use a survey or for an informal assessment.

Madeline Chamberlain

High School

Google Forms Presentation

Outsmart Your SMARTboard Grades K-5
Is your SMARTboard gathering dust? Come to this session to remind yourself how easy the SMARTboard is to use! Using SMART notebook softwareyou can design your own lessons and modify ones found on the web. Remember - You are smarter than your SMARTboard!

Teri O’Brien
Bethany Sager

Dale Street


EasiTeach: How to hook your students with a Widget! Grades 6-12
Do you still use your whiteboardand markers on a daily basis? Are you looking to spice up old lessons with some hip technology? It's time to dust off that Epson and let EasiTeach do the work for you! During this session, you'll learn how to create engaging new activities or magically transform old ones using EasiTeach - then sit back and enjoy watching your students' hands fly into the air as they fight to participate! THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Leora Seri

High School

EasiTeach Presentation

Get your Twitter on: Use Twitter to build your own Personal Learning Network All Grade Levels
Twitter is taking the Education World tweet by tweet! Educators from around the globe are taking advantage of 140 characters to connect, learn, collaborate and share with one another! Come hear about Nat Vaughn's twitter journey as well as learn the Twitter basics and how you can use this tweeteriffictool for your own Professional Development! THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Diane Horvath
Nat Vaughn



Teaching with 1 iPad (and Apple TV) in the classroom All Grades
How can a single teacher iPad be used in an Apple TV classroom? What is Apple TV? What, can I do more than check school email on my iPad? We will demo a few applications that we have been using with our classes and some other teacher friendly iPad apps that will help engage students in your class.
An iPad will be provided for all participants who do not have an iPad. THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Phil Brown
Marissa Gumas


Tactilize Card1

Tactilize Card2

Dig into Diigo: How social bookmarking can practically and efficiently simplify your online searching All Grades
Have you forgotten the address of a great teaching resource you found online? Have you ever discovered the perfect website, only to lose the page in a tangle of unorganized bookmarks? Never lose an online resource again! Learn how Diigo, a social bookmarking tool, will allow you to organize your bookmarks online so they can be accessed from any computer at any time. Keyword tags, annotations, themed lists, and more, make Diigo an ideal—and easy—way to organize online research for teachers and students.

Alana Stern


Diigo Presentation

Excel-ent Equations All Grades
Ever want your students to be able to organize data and then quickly count it up or average it out? Or present it graphically in various ways? Or are you trying to organize yourself for season? Then this session is for you! Participants will use basic excel formulas to calculate different statistics, move between tabs and rename tabs, take data from an excel spreadsheet and create different types of graphs. THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Erin Kearney


Excel Presentation

APP Attack All Grades
Apparently, this is an Appropriate workshop to explore. You may learn ways to Approach your subject with new Appeal. You may find Appetizing new ways to work in class, ways you can Appreciate immensely! Sure, you could be Apprehensive about trying out these things, and it may Appear to be a little intimidating, but you never know until you try, you know. Come to the workshop and walk away with new ways to Apply your expertise and knowledge; we will all Applaud you for your courage, curiosity, commitment. So come Appraise the use of Apps in your class. In this session, participants will download, use and create using different educational apps. An iPad will be provided for all participants who do not have an iPad.

Jason Heim
Seth Hellerstein

Blake (iPad Pilot Team)

App Attack Presentation

Once Upon A Time - Storytelling with Little Bird TalesAll Grades
CALLING ALL BUDDING AUTHORS!!! Don’t write a story the old fashioned way. Throw away the paper, pencils and typewriters. Use Little Bird Tales- an interactive online story-writing program. Add pictures, words and your own voice, but above all, bring your imagination. By the end of the workshop you will be able to create a story with pictures, words and your own voice. You will also be able to have your students do the same, and manage their creations.

David Ruggiero
Christine Dardia


Little Bird Tales Presentation

Wishing and Linking: The Art of Online Bulletin Boards with Wallwisher and How to make pictures “POP” with Thinglink All Grades
Two classes for the price of one. Whether you want your students to brainstorm on a project, collect and share resources, or post feedback on a new tool online, Wallwisher can help. Maybe you want to plan an advisory event or even create a personal vision board, Wallwisher is your online bulletin board tool to make it all possible. Thinglinkwill make any picture interactive, allowing your students to explore, learn, and soak up the information you provide to them by clicking on different areas of a picture. Teachers can attach buttons to the picture that will connect students to websites, video, and text to help them have a more comprehensive learning experience on any topic, all in one location. During this session, teachers will be able to create a wall on Wallwisher and a Thinglink or two of their own using their own subject matter.

Deb Manning
Tracy Allen


Wishing and Linking Presentation

VoiceThread - a user friendly presentation and sharing tool! All Grades
Voicethread is a creative and collaborative tool to help you hear what your students have to say to you and each other. Students can present book reports or projects now without taking up valuable class time. Teachers can also use VoiceThread to help narrate those boring powerpoints. Participants will learn how to create a VoiceThread, how to enable it in your classroom and will look at best practices of how Medfield teachers and students are already using VoiceThread.

Orla Berry

High School

VoiceThread Presentation