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How to Organize Your Technological Life All Grades
Firstclass bogging you down? Can’t find the email you sent two minutes ago?? What about that cool worksheet you made last year on the computer...where did that go? Or the parent notes from that last IEP meeting?...How to Organize Your Technological Life can help. Get rid of the mounds of paper on your desk and get rid of that filing cabinet. This tutorial will help give you a peace of mind when it comes to technology and organization. THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Kristen Kirby


Organizing Tech Life Presentation

Organizing Tech Life Livebinder

Prezenting Prezi All Grades
Are you tired of seeing the same old PowerPoint presentations? Are you looking for a new outlet to capture student’s attention in class? Learn a method to combine all of your audio & visual resources- including powerpoint slides you’ve already made-for a single unit of study. In this session you will create a Prezi to aid in teaching your next big unit of study.

Susie Boulos


Prezi on Prezi

What’s so Pinteresting? All Grades
Pinterest is a social network community. It lets you organize and share visual content that you find on the internet. It is a virtual bulletin board that allows you to organize ideas and collaborate with others. In this session you will create a Pinterest account, learn how to search for content, and create educational or personal boards.THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Randie Groden
Marie Hedberg



Going Ga-Ga for Google Spreadsheets All Grades
Afraid of Spreadsheets? Well, don't be. Not quite sure how Google spreadsheets can help collaboration in your classroom? We'll show you that. In this session you will learn spreadsheet basics and learn how to write simple formulas, create easy charts and learn the difference between a cloud based spreadsheet (Google) as compared to a typical spreadsheet program (Excel). No prior spreadsheet experience is required.

Neal Sonnenberg

High School

Google Spreadsheets Presentation

iPad 101: Everything you wanted to know about iPads but were afraid to ask All Grades
Did you get a new iPad for the holidays, but have been afraid to really explore what it can do? Do you already have an iPad, but feel like your 3 year-old can use it better than you can? Have you never used an iPad but want to learn more about it? This session is designed for teachers who are new to the iPad. We will review the basics about your ipad and teach you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your ipad (and how to impress your 3 year-old). An iPad will be provided for all participants who do not have an iPad. THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Cynthia McClelland

(iPad Pilot Team)

iPad 101


iPad 101 NearPod Presentation

This is Flipping Awesome! (How to Flip Your Classroom) Grades 6-12
A classroom without walls is only a vodcast (video podcast) away. Flipping the Classroom is a new cutting edge style of instruction that will turn your students’ world upside down. Learn how to make a vodcast and flipping enjoy the art of teaching again! Participants will have a better understanding of the flipped classroom and walk away with their first recorded vodcast; they will also learn how to assess participation and create effective collaboration groups.

Melinda Lohan
High School

Flipping the Classroom
Letter to Parents

Welcome to the Docside: How to use Google Docs in your classroom Grades 6-12
Would you like the ability to check up on students as they are producing their work? Or would you like to avoid students losing their work? If so, then Google Docs is for you. With Google Docs, students can share documents and other work with teachers and other students to allow for easy collaboration. This allows for teachers to comment on students’ work as well as keep track of progress and editing history. Teachers can meet students in their documents and easily guide them through the work process and correct any issues before students hand in final copies.

Sara Callahan
Ellen McConnell


Google Docs Presentation

Keep on Glogging Grades K-5
Do you want to excite learners, and inspire curiosity through interactive posters? Come learn how to use Glogster to create glogs- online multimedia posters-with text, photos, videos, graphs, sounds, drawings, weblinks, and more! In this session you will create your own content-specific glog.

Leanne DiPesa
Deb Newton
Leslie Diamandis



Weebly (for the Wise)All Grades
In this session, we will take a look at the possible applications of the web page creator Weebly. This presentation will focus on drag-and-drop website creation, blogging, and the advantages of using your website in and out of the classroom. For anyone who views website creation as a daunting task, I hope to help you feel at ease using this format...and give you some hints I have learned along the way in my first real year as a Weebly user.

Travis Taliaferro



“Good” Morning Meeting with the Smartboard! Grades K-5
Start your day out right! Eat your whole grain, high protein breakfast then get SMART! Learn how to incorporate your Smartboard into your daily morning routines. In this session, you will learn to utilize the Smartboard with your students to support the calendar, weather, counting days of school, money, place value routines and more!

Allison Pollock


Good Morning Presentation

Smartboard File

Calender Smartboard File

Word up: Getting the Most out of Microsoft Word All Grades
Do you want your own created documents to look professional? Do you get frustrated with formatting issues in Microsoft Word? Here you’ll learn some quick and easy tips in how to make your documents look sleek, and how to get the most out of Microsoft Word, in general. In this session you will learn to create notes, handouts, tests/quizzes that look professional, which leads to clearer instruction for students.

Brendan Hughes

High School

Word Presentation

Fotobabble:Master the Art of Babbling All Grades
FotoBabble is a web 2.0 tool that let's you create talking photos! Simply upload any image/photo and record your voice and Babbling away! Use it cross-curriculum/grade levels for Book Talks, Explaining Events, Poetry, or to introduce yourself, Change the ending of a story and much much more.. Start Babbling today!

Julie Lowerre
Mike Mason
Christine Callahan
Darla Sharlacken
Dale Street