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Steven Spielberg watch out!!Ani-Awesome! Grades 6-12
Animotois an easy web 2.0 tool to produce and publish a presentation using music and pictures that is automatically animated by the website. This interactive presentation tool offers a great way for students and teachers to present information in a new fun and interesting way. VERY user friendly for adults and children. Forces students to choose wording or main ideas thoughtfully as they only have a few minutes and a certain amount of words to use for each Animoto. Get ready to Animoto! then - sit back, watch and enjoy! THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Emily Alland &
Karen Renaud

High School/

Animoto Presentation

‘Excel’ent Progress Monitoring Data Grades K-5
Are you working hard to collect and organize student progress monitoring data? Do you have checklists, rubrics, work samples and notes tucked into binders and folders all over your classroom? Are you struggling to present student data at TST meetings? This presentation will introduce you to the power of Excel in managing student data. We will use the Gradual Release of Responsibility model to introduce, practice and use Excel to create visual representations of student data. THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Jamee Callahan & Chris Paget



Glogster: Moving beyond the Trifold and the Talking Head Grades 6-12
Think of the last time you struggled out to your car on Friday afternoon, 50 posters sandwiched awkwardly in between your already overloaded hands. One gust of wind will be enough to send the entire precariously balanced pile into a mess of mud and glitter on the pavement. You put yourself through this torture because you need to grade the assignment you designed to ensure your students had a visual way to reflect what they know, but this awkward dance wasn’t what you had in mind!

Glogster can help! It provides all the perks of a poster because it offers a visual medium for students to organize what they know outside of a verbal framework. It also allows for an alternative to the week-long “presentation” lesson plan where students stand with their posters in the front of the class and explain what they’ve created. With Glogster students can log in and view each other’s work and leave comments. Best of all, you can grade them from the comfort of home, in front of a computer, biceps and forearms intact!

Gwynne Sawtelle

High School

Glogster Presentation

Are you Pinterested in Pinterest? All
Wondering where all your colleagues are getting all their new and creative ideas from? Come and learn how to easily search and share ideas. Pinterestis the latest social-virtual bulletin board where educators PIN all their resources and ideas! Become a Pinner today! THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Rachel Lynn & Deb Trikoulis



Survey Says...! Creating & using PollEverywhere and Socrative online surveys & quizzes All (may focus more 6-12)
Come learn how to generate thought-provoking, instantaneous response surveys that can shape class discussion! Learn to create online quizzes and competitions that provide instant feedback and help drive your instruction!

Kelly Dengos & Ellen Toubman
High School

Survey Says! Presentation

Sumdog to the Rescue! Grades 1-6
Are your students lacking interest in math? Is their lack of motivation to learn new concepts preventing them from rising to their full potential? Do you need to boost their math concept knowledge? You can do all this and more with Sumdog. The best part: It’s free and requires very little preparation or planning on your part!

Kathy Walunas and Suzanne Flynn

Dale Street


Back to the Future: Travel to Today's iPad Classroom! All
Become today's 8th grader at Blake MS! Grab your iPad, power up and get to class! In this session the iPad Pilot teachers will demonstrate how 8th graders are using the iPad in their classroom. They will conduct a demo class where you will be using an ipad to participate. An iPad will be provided for all participants who do not bring an iPad. THIS SESSION IS FULL

Blake's iPad Pilot Team
(Brenda Perachi, Jason Heim, Cynthia McClelland & Seth Hellerstein)


PowerPoint Like a Pro All
For any skill level, whether you are working on your first presentation or just want tips fine-tuning some advanced features, we’ll work together to create a show that your students will enjoy and find useful. PowerPoint presentations don’t have to feel old-fashioned. THIS SESSION IS FULL!

Joanne Schmidt
High School

Powerpoint Presentation

Smart Searching All
Our students seem to have a Google reflex that makes them think Google is the only search tool out there. I’ll introduce you to some other search engines that might be a better choice. Also, are you worried about kids blindly trusting the first page of Google results? I’ll show you how to make Google searches smarter and more focused for you and your students.

Anne Farrahar

High School

Smart Searching Presentation

Browser Tips & Tricks! (or There’s more to browsing than Internet Explorer) All
Take control of your web browsing and be more efficient in your work day.

Debby Fromen

Dale Street


Be a tool and come to EdCanvas All
EdCanvas is great online tool to present material both inside and outside of the classroom. This versatile tool can compile a whole unit into documents, videos, images, web-links, and assignments. Even better, it can also be embedded on your website as a live interactive resource. Make sure to bring your curriculum resources (like flashdrives, etc.).

Alex Gantos and Sean Bowles


EdCanvas Presentation